Follow with Rockwill, into the new "Canton Fair Online"

Follow with Rockwill, into the new "Canton Fair Online on Spring 2020"

S/L Live Category Live Theme Release time
Episode 1 Transformer related
(Angela team)
Step voltage regulator, Metering unit, Outdoor CT PT 2020/6/15
Episode 2 Distribution transformer, Power transformer 2020/6/16
Episode 3 Outdoor switchgear
(Rechel team)
Auto reclsoer, Pole mounted load break switch 2020/6/17
Episode 4 SF6 circuit breaker 2020/6/18
Episode 5 Switchgear components
(Tony team)
Vacuum circuit breaker, SF6 circuit breaker 2020/6/19
Episode 6 Indoor load break switch, Indoor CT PT 2020/6/20
Episode 7 Switchgear  related
(Curry team)
Switchgear, Ring main unit, LV switchgear  2020/6/21
Episode 8 Substation 2020/6/22
Episode 9 Power engineering
(Habib team)
Transformer substation 2020/6/23
Episode 10 Transmission line, Photovoltaic 2020/6/24

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